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Tent Rentals near Saint James

At Rent-A-Tent, we love helping you bring your outdoor events to life right here in Saint James, NY, and the surrounding areas. Whether you’re planning a heartfelt wedding, an impressive corporate event, or a fun community festival, we have a variety of tents to fit every occasion. Choose from our durable pole tents or sturdy frame tents, each designed to enhance the comfort and style of your event and ensure it looks great.

But there’s more to our tents than just good looks. They’re built from high-quality materials that withstand various weather conditions. Plus, we can equip each tent with optional sidewalls to keep your event comfortable and dry, no matter the weather. With Rent-A-Tent, you get a straightforward, reliable one-stop shop for all your event needs near Saint James and the surrounding area. Let’s make your next outdoor gathering unforgettable!
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High Peak Tent Rentals near Saint James

At Rent-A-Tent, we're proud to offer elegant High Peak Tents as a standout choice for any outdoor gathering in Saint James, NY, and nearby regions. Perfect for weddings, corporate events, or any festive occasion, these tents are available in sizes 10 x 10, 20 x 20, and 20 x 30 to suit events both large and small. Their distinctive high peaks not only create a visually striking silhouette but also enhance the ambiance of your event.

These tents aren’t just about aesthetics; they are constructed from robust materials that can handle a variety of weather conditions. Optional sidewalls with solid white or cathedral window options can be added to protect against the elements and ensure your event remains cozy and dry. With Rent-A-Tent, your event setup is seamless and stylish, making every occasion memorable.
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Furniture Rentals near Saint James

At Rent-A-Tent, our furniture rentals bring just the right touch to your gatherings near Saint James. Our 60” round tables are perfect for seating guests comfortably, while our elegant yet sturdy white folding chairs add a touch of class to any setup. Need something for serving food or even extra seating? Our 72” banquet tables are just the thing. And don’t forget about our cocktail tables—they’re sure to elevate the look of any event, whether it’s a wedding reception or a casual get-together.

We keep things relaxed and easy here. Beyond just offering a variety of furniture, we’re all about customizing arrangements to fit what you need. Our event specialists are here to help you pick out the pieces that will complement your event’s space and style down to the last detail. With Rent-A-Tent, finding the perfect, comfy furnishings to enhance your event is a breeze. Let’s make your next event one to remember with the right setup!
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Lighting Solutions near Saint James

Lighting solutions from Rent-A-Tent can transform any space into a magical setting. Proper lighting is key to enhancing the mood of your event. Our lighting setup is designed to keep the party going all night long, providing a soft ambiance that adds a stylish touch and elevates any gathering, from intimate dinners to lively parties.

We focus on making every event special with our lighting that not only brightens your space but also enhances its overall appeal. By creating the perfect atmosphere, our lighting ensures that your event near Saint James is both inviting and memorable. Let Rent-A-Tent light up your next occasion, making it an effortlessly enchanting experience for everyone involved.
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Event Decor near Saint James

Event decor services at Rent-A-Tent allow you to bring your event theme to life with style and creativity. Based in Saint James, we offer a diverse range of decor items from elegant table centerpieces to thematic backdrops and floral arrangements. Our decor experts are skilled at transforming spaces according to your vision, adding personalized touches that make each event unique and memorable.

Beyond aesthetics, our decor options are curated to enhance the guest experience, providing a visually stunning environment that complements the occasion. Whether you're hosting a sophisticated gala or a festive birthday party, Rent-A-Tent has the resources and creative flair to decorate your event to perfection, ensuring every detail reflects your desired ambiance.
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Catering near Saint James

At Rent-A-Tent, we aim to be your one-stop shop for all event needs near Saint James, including catering. We're excited to feature our recommended vendor, "Up In Smoke BBQ," who will bring not just flavor but an entire culinary experience to your event. Imagine having a professional BBQ team arrive at your venue with a 6ft charcoal grill, ready to cook delicious meals right before your eyes. They handle everything: providing racks, sternos, serving utensils, and even cleaning up after your meal so you can sit back and enjoy your event without any worries.

While we're working on expanding our catering partnerships, "Up In Smoke BBQ" is our go-to choice for now. They ensure that from the moment you book a tent with us to the last bite of your meal, every aspect of your event is handled with care and professionalism. Whether you’re hosting a casual outdoor gathering or a more formal event, let us and "Up In Smoke BBQ" take the hassle out of planning and executing your catering needs.
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Tent Heating near Saint James

Keep your event comfortable regardless of the chill with Rent-A-Tent's reliable tent heating solutions. Available for any event around Saint James and beyond, our L.B White 80,000 BTU forced air propane heaters ensure your gathering stays warm even on the coldest days. Each heater rental includes a propane tank large enough to last throughout your entire event.

Our heating solutions are safe and effective, designed to integrate smoothly with any tent setup from our inventory. Whether you’re hosting a winter wedding, a corporate gathering during the fall, or a chilly evening festival, our heaters provide the warmth your guests need to enjoy the celebration fully. Choose Rent-A-Tent for a warm and inviting event experience, no matter the weather.
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Dance Floors near Saint James

Transform any venue into a vibrant dance hall with Rent-A-Tent's dance floors. Perfect for weddings, parties, and any event where dancing is on the agenda, our dance floors are available in a 20 x 20 configuration but can be customized to smaller sizes to fit your specific event space and guest list.

Our dance floors are designed to be both functional and appealing, providing a sturdy and safe surface for all your dancing needs. They are easy to install and can be set up in various environments, ensuring your guests can dance the night away in style. With Rent-A-Tent, you're not just renting a dance floor; you're creating a space for memories to be made. Let's make your next event a hit with a perfect place for guests to groove!
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